#ilmfest 2015


I’ve been attending Al Maghrib classes since their very first class in Malaysia. 🙂 And everytime i go for the classes seemed like i’ve been falling love again with Rasulullah.
2 days filled with Verses of the Quran, Sayings of the Prophet SAW. And Authentic Narrations of the Hadith from 14 Syukuhs of Al Maghrib. Thankyou Allah for this opportunity given. :’)


I want to repent, but….

Often our past holds us back from moving forward. Choices and mistakes we have made can make us feel that we’re not good enough for starting a new chapter in our lives, and yet the words of Beloved Messenger ( SAW ) leaves us full of hope ” Every son of Adam sins, and the best of those who sin are those who repent. – gems from ustadha Yasmin Mogahed.


Im in the garden surrounded by angels.

Sh. Navaid Aziz / Positivity ; A quality of the people of paradise.
🎀 Reflection on surah Ad-Dhuha verse 4 ; what is to come is better than what it is right now. Generally speaking, this verse is telling abt the akhirah meaning what you have in this life is nothing compared to the life of the hereafter



How far are you willing to go to be successful? Can deen in one’s life used to achieve success in this life and in the eternal Hereafter ? The Prophet Shu’ayb ( ASW ) said to his people ” i cannot succed without God’s help: I trust in Him, and always turn to Him, ” Some of the well known companions of the Prophet were known to be wealthy and successful in both deen and dunya. The answers are found in understanding how islam encourages us to be successful in both. – gems from SH Waleed Basyouni.


A class too beneficial to be missed! 

Thankyou for reading !
May Allah bless us. Allahumma amin.


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