The more that we give, the more that we will get.



The special thing about happiness is, when you share it, you get more โค

    A mualaf uncle was sitting at the edge of ladies hall to break fast. The hall for guys is right across and it is full.

    He is alone, bringing along a bag of his belongings. Putting it in front of him together with 2 bottles of sprite and a pack of bread. For those who are seated along the mat, they were each given a pack of rice, bubur lambuk and a bottle of drinking water. Since he was sitting away, he only got a pack of rice.

    Seeing this, one of the volunteers on duty brought him bubur lambuk and a bottle of drinking water. He was clearly touched by this gesture that he later came the place where the volunteers was sitting to give her a bottle of sprite and the bread that he have. She had politely returned the gift and keep on offering the other volunteers instead.

    This uncle might not have much but he still has a giving heart. Clearly, the act of giving is when you have a plenty but when you are willing to share whatever you have regardless how much it is. =’)


This whole world is not just abt us. We live under the same sun, and walk under the same moon. And there’s nothing that we can lose if we share with other people.





Lets also have a more forgiving and less judgemental ramadhan. And may the good traits we practice this month last til the rest of our lives. In shaa Allah.

Thanks for reading this entry !


9 thoughts on “The more that we give, the more that we will get.

  1. Haii, i’ve read this post too. Really touched my heart this story. Sometimes, rezeki kita tu bukan untuk kita sahaja. Untuk orang lain jugak. Sebab rezeki tu kan datang dari Allah. So, why not we share kan. So yeah, let’s start giving !

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