A story of a Palestinian.


  ” If you always complain about life ”




I complain about hunger, their whole family shared a plate together.

I complain about humidity / hotness, he worked under the blazing sun for hours daily.

I complain abt sadness, he was beaten by his mother when he lost the money he earned by himself cos it could’ve bought weeks of food.

I complain abt assignments, he woke up early morning to work then to school until he became lethargic.

I complain abt not enough clothes, he wore hand me down clothes.

I complain abt pain, his two daughters and niece were killed and ripped apart by israeli shells.

I complain abt love, he lost his wife due had leukemia.

I complain abt my car, they squeezed in bus until it exceeded the number of passengers until it was hard to breathe in it.

The soldiers asked us to empty the house “empty ? ” There’s nothing in it to empty. ” Now i wonder how those soldiers must have felt, pointing their murderous weapons to little children still rubbing sleep from their eyes and clinging to their mothers in doorways- Animals.




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