#MH370 #ghostplane


It been 2 years, since the missing of plane #MH370


up till today, it is indeed an extremely difficult time for all of us Malaysians and the whole world.

I truly understand there are no words which could console the family members of #MH370

May the families stay strong. They are among strongest people! i believe! may we gonna cherish our beloved ones better =)

I hope that this incident will make us wiser in sha Allah.  Allah is the best of planners & His Plans are the best. =)

My thoughts and prayers are with the passengers and crew of Flight #MH370 and their families and friends. Bismillahirrahmanirahim, Hasbunallah wani’mal wakil.

I am grateful for all of the people around the world who helped with the search. The searching continues in these times of grief. I hope and urge the public to give the family members some space,respect their privacy.

#TheWholeWorldIsWithYouInTheseDifficultTimes #KeepPray


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