Mie ( part I ) 


      As I begin typing this out.  Everyone MUST know that I have been planning to write this since last week 🙊 but oh well, (probably because I have been busy, or probably because I have been procrastinating too much- We’II never know) 

    Plus, I think that my writing skills (if any ) have been in the worst state lately and of coz whats better way to improve then to keep on writing right? ( I wish I could be better ) 

   By the way, I will try my best to comitted to this blog from now on ☺ So, do expect more coming from this an ordinary scribble pad of mine! 

   I could guess that nobody would actually read this possibly lengthy post, especially nowdays there arent many people active on Blog. 

  Even if one day nobody reads this blog anymore I would still continue writing here. There will always be someone who reads this blog. Me 

With coffee, pins and needles. 


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