Langkawi Island 

                               السلام عليكم                          ​

 ( Warning; Long post :p )

Tbh there are days when I am overwhelmed with studies, work and life.Feel like I do not spend much time with my family. 

 So, the truth is.. I genuinely feel like spending almost all of my time with them.The idea of spending time with my family isn’t just about hanging out or talking for long hours. I actually feel like being there for them in times of need.

Since I am older now. I realise that it is my responsibility to plan holidays and trips for my family and yes, here is to more adventures in the future in shaa Allah 

I dont think I’ve properly introduced Medina Sofea yet. So lemme do it now. She’s the current youngest niece of the family and has an adorable dimples in tha world 💕

( whatchaa lookin’ at )

An overly attached untie

Miss waking up to this ❤ 

However not the whole family could be there. As my family is not a very small one. So it isnt that easy to get everyone together. Not for now at least. But im thankful with how the plan is going for the trip already, and so is everybody else

‘Im still the favourite’ says Rayqal when he saw a new born baby in the fam. ( His sister to be exact )

Rayqal’s first attempt in taking photos

A must visit for us is the Dataran Helang.

I love spending my time doing outdoor activities. I find its therapeutic to the mind, body and soul. The colour green itself is easy on the eyes and heals

I dont want them to see me with my phone 24/7. I  have a plenty of time to do all those later  ☺

But taking pictures always an exception :p


I bet I made milions of grammatical errors in this post. So I hope I didnt infuriate any grammar nazi(s) out there. 

P:s Im half awake .


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