How to cure your sasau-itis

                               ​السلام عليكم


Hello constant readers!

I dont do shopping a lot.But when I do I will ensure it worth for every penny. 

I was diagnosed when I got sasau-ed by Sephora sales. ♡ ( remember ; the best time to trying new products is buying them during sales! ) 
At first I solely lingering around from cubicle to cubicle until I mustered all my courage and cekau some money to cure me from sasau-itis. 

Thus, I present to you my medications for your reference 💊✊✋

such a curious made me lined up! 

🌸 Naked palette 3 

🌸 Mark Jacob full coverage foundation

🌸 primer for sensitive skin

🌸 Nyx (no.2)

🌸 Innisfree Loose powder 

🌸 Innisfree Top coat 

🌸 Laneige ( BB cushion )

🌸 Empro natural colour ( no.2)

🌸 Shinss beauty blender 

🌸 Maybelline coverage concealer 

But at the end. 

I realise

The only vitamins I needed the most when I’m on the go

No brushes means less hassle 😄

Literally. I need a heart transplant STAT.



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