Dark Cave Tour 

                           Oh Holla. 

    Being a tour guide for the day. And went to Batu Cave on its eve! #ThaipusamFestival

    During the day. I was able to witness the few devotees climbed up 272 stairs making their offerings and prayers to Lord Murugan. 

📍Location : Batu Cave, Kuala Lumpur 

 Thaipusam a hindu festival celebrated by the hindu devotees. ( and mainly by Tamil community to be exact ) 

272 stairs… They weren’t kidding

  Some were carrying kavadis, some even climbed up on their knees with iron rods,hooks or spit stemming from their bodies. What a sight.. 

  I was told devotees in India go on for a month long pilrimage to reach the temple. Such a holy and spiritual celebration that I could never forget. 


Here’s a view from being at the top!

Dark cave exploration begins~~

● bring the helmet,  headlamp or  torchlight for safety 

● Mineral water is a must! 

Im not gonna write much for this part. As im very sleepy right now. 😅 Btw thank you for reading this entry. If you actually are. I really appreciate =’) 

Till then. 


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