When The World Comes down 

Dear self, 

I’II take a step back. I’II take a deep breathe. 

And then, 

I’II tell myself dont fear failure, dont fear failure, dont fear failure.. ( as long as you learn from it, grow from it ) 

I’II tell myself its okay if you fall sometimes. 

I’II tell myself that you shouldnt feel like you’re going to dissapoint yourself-you arent. I’II tell myself to have a little more faith. To look at how far I’ve come. That’s a beautiful, and there are so many more places to go if I just let myself in. 

I’II tell myself you’ve been here before, you’ve overcome. And this time is no different. 

Sincerely. xoxo 


One thought on “When The World Comes down 

  1. Why you delete your ig and fb account ? You are my inspiration. You are the reason that i have an ig account


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