What a nightmare 

“I… I’ve been mugged”

I somehow managed to stutter. “My phone’s been nicked” I’m said in disbelief

The thing about panic is. It creeps up on you. I was paralysed with horror, when one minutes you are still quite calm. Still telling yourself. ‘What the hell’ 

For the first time in my life. I’ve never felt so bereft and panicky. what do I do without my bloody phone? how do I function? 

My hand keeps automatically reaching for my phone in its usual place in my pocket. Every instinct in me wants to text someone then I texted my best friend whose mobile number I know off by heart. Saying ‘OMG, my phone stolen . Ws unavailable at the moment and if there’s anything you need to inform me. Do dm on Facebook. ‘

To calm my nerves. I try to phone my own number. One time it still there. Afterward I can tell you that Hoodie Guy has already chucked my SIM card into the lake. 

Does that Hoodie Guy realize he’s wrecked my life? It is the worst thing you can steal from a person. THE WORST!!


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