What a nightmare 

“I… I’ve been mugged”

I somehow managed to stutter. “My phone’s been nicked” I’m said in disbelief

The thing about panic is. It creeps up on you. I was paralysed with horror, when one minutes you are still quite calm. Still telling yourself. ‘What the hell’ 

For the first time in my life. I’ve never felt so bereft and panicky. what do I do without my bloody phone? how do I function? 

My hand keeps automatically reaching for my phone in its usual place in my pocket. Every instinct in me wants to text someone then I texted my best friend whose mobile number I know off by heart. Saying ‘OMG, my phone stolen . Ws unavailable at the moment and if there’s anything you need to inform me. Do dm on Facebook. ‘

To calm my nerves. I try to phone my own number. One time it still there. Afterward I can tell you that Hoodie Guy has already chucked my SIM card into the lake. 

Does that Hoodie Guy realize he’s wrecked my life? It is the worst thing you can steal from a person. THE WORST!!

When The World Comes down 

Dear self, 

I’II take a step back. I’II take a deep breathe. 

And then, 

I’II tell myself dont fear failure, dont fear failure, dont fear failure.. ( as long as you learn from it, grow from it ) 

I’II tell myself its okay if you fall sometimes. 

I’II tell myself that you shouldnt feel like you’re going to dissapoint yourself-you arent. I’II tell myself to have a little more faith. To look at how far I’ve come. That’s a beautiful, and there are so many more places to go if I just let myself in. 

I’II tell myself you’ve been here before, you’ve overcome. And this time is no different. 

Sincerely. xoxo 

When Breath Becomes Air 

As I heading over here to see someone dear on the bed. Ive had my heart broken countless times when I see she’s fighting through the pain. With the wires all over her body. 

Keep remembering herself. The tribulations are only for awhile. You are strong, so strong and im proud forever will be. Better things will come your way. InshaAllah.Verily with hardship there is ease. 

Here’s me

Somewhere in the corner of the room. 

I feel an intense appreciation for life. The ability to walk, see, smell and taste. All things that we take for granted are such gifts. 

Dark Cave Tour 

                           Oh Holla. 

    Being a tour guide for the day. And went to Batu Cave on its eve! #ThaipusamFestival

    During the day. I was able to witness the few devotees climbed up 272 stairs making their offerings and prayers to Lord Murugan. 

📍Location : Batu Cave, Kuala Lumpur 

 Thaipusam a hindu festival celebrated by the hindu devotees. ( and mainly by Tamil community to be exact ) 

272 stairs… They weren’t kidding

  Some were carrying kavadis, some even climbed up on their knees with iron rods,hooks or spit stemming from their bodies. What a sight.. 

  I was told devotees in India go on for a month long pilrimage to reach the temple. Such a holy and spiritual celebration that I could never forget. 


Here’s a view from being at the top!

Dark cave exploration begins~~

● bring the helmet,  headlamp or  torchlight for safety 

● Mineral water is a must! 

Im not gonna write much for this part. As im very sleepy right now. 😅 Btw thank you for reading this entry. If you actually are. I really appreciate =’) 

Till then. 

From SG with ❤ 

                   السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


    Im not a make up junkie, but when it        comes to this 💄 I can finally stop wondering what all the hype about. 

Cant wait to try these babies on 💄 ان شاء الله I’II let you know what the hype is about soon on IG.

Oh ya ☺ 

This Fifth Avenue Princess set contains; 

 Long wear eyeliner 

Quattrow palette ( the colour is major love, love it! ) 

Matte lipcream ( in pretty pink 💕 )

Oxygen nail polish 

Brought to you by @lovefromzahara ❤

2017 please be nice to me 

                    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    How has the first of 2017 been for you?

Setting goals for a new year is the best way to start. I hope you all had your goals written down.  – I even have goals for Awal Muharram !  Not just the goals but how to achieve your goals, your plans 

Let say.. 

Make your way through some booklist-titles

Its simple. 

When you’ve written down your goals so you can track your progress at a glance! Perfect for working yours way through a set-lists 


 Sweet tooth 

                               ​السلام عليكم

Hi lovelies 🙆

Oh wow 2 blog posts in a row! 

Anyways I want to share with you a delicious sweet tooth  that Ive been loving for past this few days 💕 Its super easy to make and really quick! 

Sometimes you just have to eat a little something sweet!

What you’ll need 👇

🎀 2 or 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream 

🎀 Strawberri 

🎀 Blueberri 

thats all. Easy kan? 

As I said. Didnt take long to make these babies plus they were so easy to make!