When The World Comes down 

Dear self, 

I’II take a step back. I’II take a deep breathe. 

And then, 

I’II tell myself dont fear failure, dont fear failure, dont fear failure.. ( as long as you learn from it, grow from it ) 

I’II tell myself its okay if you fall sometimes. 

I’II tell myself that you shouldnt feel like you’re going to dissapoint yourself-you arent. I’II tell myself to have a little more faith. To look at how far I’ve come. That’s a beautiful, and there are so many more places to go if I just let myself in. 

I’II tell myself you’ve been here before, you’ve overcome. And this time is no different. 

Sincerely. xoxo 

When Breath Becomes Air 

As I heading over here to see someone dear on the bed. Ive had my heart broken countless times when I see she’s fighting through the pain. With the wires all over her body. 

Keep remembering herself. The tribulations are only for awhile. You are strong, so strong and im proud forever will be. Better things will come your way. InshaAllah.Verily with hardship there is ease. 

Here’s me

Somewhere in the corner of the room. 

I feel an intense appreciation for life. The ability to walk, see, smell and taste. All things that we take for granted are such gifts.